Digitalize the performance evaluation process

One of the most commonly used methods for assessing employees’ strengths and areas for improvement is the 360-degree performance evaluation method. In its simplest terms, a 360-degree evaluation is a multi-dimensional assessment approach that involves gathering feedback not only from superiors but also from peers, subordinates, associated customers, and the employee themselves to evaluate performance.

Like in all performance evaluation methods, the primary goal in the 360-degree performance evaluation method is to enhance the productivity of individual employees within the organization.

  • 90-450 DegreePerformance Evaluation
  • Self Service HR
  • Competency Questions
  • Automatic Development Plan
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Performance Evaluation Based on Aspects
  • Graphical Detailed Reporting
  • Detailed Planning
  • Customized Forms
  • User Friendly and Simple
With RunHR360
Details that solved by the team has been developing HR software for over a decade.
  • 1

    Customized Forms

    Do not evaluate all employees with the same form. You can prepare custom measurement forms based on general, title, and department breakdown.
  • 2

    Evaluation Based on Aspects

    You can determine the weights differently depending on the evaluation aspects across the employee, title, department and company.
  • 3

    Graphical Reports

    You can make your data more meaningful with visual reports instead of reports consisting solely of numbers
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