Find the fastest way to reach your goals.

You can effectively distribute and manage the organization’s goals and requirements to departments or individuals. With the Balanced Scorecard feature, you can determine the type of goals and their weights, and in line with this, easily fulfill essential criteria for an organization such as scoring, monitoring, feedback, and action plans.

Competency management, one of the most critical factors in taking the organization to advanced levels, allows you to easily handle many complex arrangements such as defining and measuring competencies. Additionally, with the question set prepared by our HR Consultant, you can complete the competency assessment process in a short period, such as one day.

You can include the performance of services provided by employees, both internally (internal customers) and externally (external customers), in employee performance evaluations. Particularly in support or sales units, you can measure customer satisfaction, which holds significant importance, and have the opportunity to include it in the employee’s performance score.


3D Competency Management

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    Goal-Based Performance

    The reason many companies prefer this method today is the ability to objectively measure employee performance and track the entire process of achieving goals mathematically.
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    Competency-Based Performance

    You can complete the process in one day with the question set prepared by our HR consultants with our dynamically structured competency management module that provides 90°, 180°, 270°, or 360° competency management.
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    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer (internal and external) satisfaction is highly regarded by many companies today and is considered an essential criteria for loyal customers.
Instead of adapting your processes to the software, we adapt our software to your processes.

Our custom software product can be tailored to your needs and integrated into your existing systems, unlike off-the-shelf software packages. You can reach out to us for detailed information about our product and you can create a demo to try it out and explore its features.”