What is a Custom Software?

Custom software is a specifically developed programs in accordance with requirements of the business in addition to the existing standards. In other words, adapting the software to business requirements not the adapting business to the software. Custom software development has two categories, standard and custom software. However, since every business has different ways of doing business and different cultures, standard software prepared based on common features of businesses can only offer superficial solutions to problems. Therefore, international and local businesses around the world use the advantages of custom software to differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase their profitability.

What is the benefits of Custom Software?

In a world of technology that growing day by day, it is easy to save workforce and create more efficient working environment. Through the custom software, we can mention about the system that allows to create high-end and more efficient software solutions for your business in a way to much shorter time.
In this era where the term 'custom software' has become prevalent in the business world, Novartz Bilişim family produces custom software solutions that provide organizations with full efficiency and usability. Thanks to our expert team, we reduce your workforce costs while increasing your in-house efficiency. With the small, medium, or large-scale custom software we create, we make your business even easier and propel you forward.

Why Novartz Bilişim for Custom Software Development?


We start the process with the analysis of our experienced team. By getting to know your business and its needs, we decide what kind of software is required.We present you with the project scope document, which is created based on details such as what is intended to be achieved with Custom Software and which processes will be controlled with custom software development.

Custom Software Development

While software development phase ongoing as we planned, we carry out tests at specified intervals and share results with you. If deemed necessary, we also enable you to evaluate the prototypes.


Based on the data obtained from our detailed analysis, we design the process and determine the stages project will go through. At the same time, by planning the resources and time to be used, we ensure that you achieve maximum efficiency with minimum expenses.

Acceptance Tests

After the custom software development process, when the testing phase is done by our team, we move to next stage that acceptance testing by your business in a real environment. With the final touches, we deliver the 'ready to use' project on the planned date.

After the project delivery, our professional team is available 24/7 to provide support for any potential issues that may arise.

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